Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 23

I do not normally collect Disney related Arabian Nights ephemera.  As a result of their movie Aladdin, the market is saturated with the Disney Aladdin merchandise.  So it comes as no surprise that there is a Disney Aladdin theme stamp.  There are, in fact, quite a few Disney Aladdin stamps, from quite a few countries.  I have identified 15 countries that have issued Disney Aladdin stamp(s), in singles, groups, souvenir sheets and first-day-covers.

US FDC Disney Aladdin

US FDC Disney Aladdin

The following is one of the FDCs issued with the US version of an Aladdin stamp.  It turns out that this is a Fleetwood FDC.  Fleetwood, now part of the Mystic Stamp Company, is one of the companies that mass produces cacheted FDCs. There are at least six different US Disney Aladdin FDCs that I have come across.  The reason I obtained this one is because of the accompanying illustration.  The FDC indicates that they obtained the illustration courtesy of the Library of Congress. What I know about it is that it is from a late 19th century Burlesque poster. The stamp itself is rather dull.  The accompanying illustration is much more interesting.

Here’s what the full image looks like:

Burlesque Arabian Nights Poster

Burlesque Arabian Nights Poster

There are a few of these types of posters still in existence.  I would absolutely love to get one for my collection.

Here are a few other Arabian Nights/Aladdin burlesque advertising posters, all probably from around the same time.

bpu-126308-stage-theatre-flyer-arabian-nights-02 bpu-126309-stage-theatre-flyer-arabian-nights-03

Burlesque Poster

Burlesque Poster

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