Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 22



Kosovo is a disputed area.  Serbia claims that it (the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija) is still under its sovereignty.  In 2008 the region declared its independence.  Serbia does not recognise this and maintains an administrative bureaucracy for the area.  107 countries have recognised Kosovo’s independence.

This stamp(s) was purchased from a seller in Croatia.  My interest is in the depiction of Aladdin.  Of course, there was no flying carpet in the story of Aladdin but as I have mentioned previously, the flying carpet is a key symbol associated with the Arabian Nights.  Without the caption though, there would be no way of knowing that Aladdin was being referenced.  On a side note, the other caption “kameni cvet” is Serbian for “stone flower”

In researching this item, I could not find any reference to it, on-line or in Scott’s catalogue. Is it from Kosovo or from Serbia?  It is unclear if this is supposed to be a single stamp or two stamps.  Neither of the stamps is perforated, which is what one would expect in a souvenir sheet like this. The sheet does appear to have the official Europa logo of the time on it, but not on the stamps themselves.

The two images each have a 2 euro mark on them, so I’m suspecting that it was intended to be two separate stamps. Other Serbian stamps do not use the euro mark.  The price is stated as just a number.

Aladdin detail

Aladdin detail

The pixilated view is not just bad scanning on my part.  It is what the souvenir sheet looks like.  The euro mark looks to be a crude cut-and-past job.  The Post of Kosova web site, on 24 May 2009 posted a notice that Kosovo postage stamps are being sold from locations in Serbia (and on eBay).  These are considered to be forged stamps by the Post of Kosovo.  They go on to state that “Forged postage stamps are easily distinguished from the originals, as the forged ones have no serrated stamp edge.”  So, what I believe I now have is a poorly made souvenir sheet, probably made in Serbia, that has no postal significance at all.

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