Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 16

In 1967, the Mahra Sultanate issued a series of stamps featuring a number of miniature paintings. One of these stamps, a miniature painting from 1260, is captioned “The Miraculous Saving.” It features a man being carried by a bird. To my mind, this recalls events in Sindbad’s second voyage. After being shipwrecked, Sindbad escapes the island by tying himself to the leg of a Roch. He later escapes from the valley of diamonds and serpents using an eagle and the joint of a sheep. The illustration on this stamp could be either of those escapes, although I favour the Roch.

Mahra State, 1967, Sindbad

Mahra State, 1967, Sindbad

In 1886 the Sultanate became a British protectorate. It remained a British protectorate, refusing to join the Federation of South Arabia in 1960, until 1967 when the Sultanate was abolished and Mahra became part of South Yemen. South Yemen joined North Yemen in 1990 to form the Republic of Yemen. Today, Mahra is a governorate of Yemen. Yemen is composed of 20 different governorates along with the capital district.

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2 Responses to Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 16

  1. Ken Frieden says:

    Can you please explain the textual history of the Sindbad stories? I know that Galland used a different source than the Syrian ms. he translated as Les Mille…. What manuscripts did other translators use? Or did they follow Galland? I am working on sea travels. Thanks!

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