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Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 17

In 1980 Syria issued a series of five stamps with Arabian Nights theme illustrations. These include a depiction of Shanrayar and Shahrazad, the ubiquitous Sindbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin and, for the first time, Hassan. There are a number of … Continue reading

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The Wire Devils by Frank L. Packard

Pachard, Frank L. The Wire Devils. Toronto: The Copp, Clark Co., 1918, pp. 318. Up and down the line around Selkirk, a gang of robbers has been making a very successful living.  Moving with the trains and using the railroads … Continue reading

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Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 16

In 1967, the Mahra Sultanate issued a series of stamps featuring a number of miniature paintings. One of these stamps, a miniature painting from 1260, is captioned “The Miraculous Saving.” It features a man being carried by a bird. To … Continue reading

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The Glory of Egypt by Louis Moresby

Moresby, Louis. The Glory of Egypt. London: Thomas Nelson & Sons, Ltd., 1926, pp. 281. Christopher (Kit) Ross, our narrator, is a cog in the Indian Civil Service.  He has quarrelled with his girl-friend, Joan Boston, and now finds himself … Continue reading

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