Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 12



Etat Comorien, or Comorian, is a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean, north-west of Madagascar.  Prior to 1975 the islands were a colony of France, administered from Madagascar from 1911.  After a referendum in 1974, the Comorian parliament voted independence on 5 July 1975.  Three of the islands went on to form Etat Comorien, which later became the Federal Islamic Republic of Comorian Islands. In the following couple of years the now independent Comorian islands issued a plethora of stamps, very few having anything to do with the islands or the state.  One of the stamps issue, on 28 June, 1975 celebrated Les Mille et Une Nuits (The Thousand and One Nights. ) The lady pictured, one presumes she is Scheherazade , is very European looking to my eyes.  Overall the stamp has an almost science fiction feel to it with the multiple moons in the sky.  Shahryar and Dunyázád appear to be pictured in the background but nary a bed is in sight.

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6 Responses to Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 12

  1. Socal Moslem says:

    Hey, I love your Arabian Nights stamps, partly because you share a sort of obsession that I have, but more with the stamps that were related to Arabian Nights. I thought you might appreciate this- search on when you get a chance: Palestinian Auth. Palestine 2001 MNH Set Arabian Nights

    • Wollamshram says:

      Glad you enjoy the site. I have a number of other Arabian Nights theme stamps still to post, including those from the Palestinian Authority. Other countries include Great Briton, Syria, Aden, Iraq, Guinea, Mongolia and St. Vincent. Perhaps I’ll do Palestine next.

      • Socal Moslem says:

        Mongolia, Guinea, Aden, St. Vincent!!! So didn’t know about them, this morning I found Mali, after i posted my comment, i will find a link and share with you! I guess i have a question, do you consider the Disney Aladdin stamps as part of these 1001 Nights themed stamps?

      • Wollamshram says:

        I’m not a big fan of Disney and I don’t collect the Disney Aladdin stamps, although I am aware of them. At present I know of nine countries that have issued Disney Aladdin theme stamps: Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Guyana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tongo, Holland and, of course, the USA.

  2. Socal Moslem says:

    thanks, looking forward to the new posts on the stamps.

  3. Pincodezone says:

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    Thank you so much for this

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