Stamps of the Arabian Nights, Part 9

Further to my previous post, I have found another Arabian Night’s theme stamp issued by Iraq, this one from 1971 celebrating International Tourist Week.  The theme is Sindbad’s return.  Which voyage he is returning from is not clear.  This particular stamp shows up in Scott’s catalogue as No. 590.  The previous stamp of Aladdin’s Cave I could not find in Scotts.

Sindbad's Return

Sindbad’s Return

Contemporary Iraq began as a British protectorate after its borders were determined by the League of Nations in 1920.  The Iraqi Monarchy was established in 1921 and full independence was gained in 1932.  In 1958 the monarchy was overthrown.  A series of coups followed with the Ba’ath Party eventually taking full control in 1968 and remained in power until 2003 when they were ousted by an American/British invasion.  In 2011 the last of the American troops left Iraq.

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