Stamps of the Arabian Nights, part 1

Arabian Nights themes and ideas have influenced just about everything.  You name it and there is probably an Arabian Night’s theme version of it somewhere.  Not surprisingly, a number of countries have issued Arabian Nights theme stamps.  These include Ajman, Ras Al-Khaima, Fugeria, Republic of Mali, Hungary, England, and the Palestine Authority.

I am not a stamp collector, but I have acquired a number of Arabian Nights stamps over the years.  First up is a set of 5 stamps from Ras Al-Khaima.  As of 1972, Ras Al-Khaima has been one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates.  This set of stamps, as near as I can determine, was published around 1967, a time when Ras Al-Khaima was still an independent state.  I don’t know who illustrated these stamps.


Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp


Unknown. Perhaps The Brass City.


Ali Baba



The Enchanted Horse


The Second Voyage of Sindbad

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