Vintage Mystery Challenge 2012 Wrap-up

It is the end of the year and, as usual I have not managed to blog nearly as much as I would liked to have.  The Vintage Mystery Challenge did get me blogging some.  The goal was to read at least eight novels in at least one category.  That I have only just managed to do, completing the eight review earlier today. I actually read 24 novels that would have qualified, but only completed a review on eight.  Those eight are listed below.  I enjoyed the challenge of writing about what I read.  I also enjoyed the personal challenge of finding vintage Canadian mystery novels to read.  There were never  very many published and even with the aid of a bibliography (David Skene-Melvin’s Canadian Crime Fiction) it is not always possible to find copies, even using online resources.  Be that as it may, six of the titles below were written by Canadians.

I also have just now noticed that I apparently can’t count, as there are in fact nine titles listed below.

Cherchez le Homme
Fire-Tongue. Sax Rohmer (1921)
The House Without a Key. Earl Derr Biggers (1925)
Blood on Biscayne Bay. Brett Halliday (1946)
Exit in Green. Martin Brett (1953)
Mr Chang of Scotland Yard. A.E. Apple (1926)
Bulldog Carney. W.A. Fraser (1919)
Mr. Chang’s Crime Ray. A.E. Apple (1928)
Murder at Calamity House. Ann Cardwell (1947)
The Scorpion. Douglas Carey (1931)

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1 Response to Vintage Mystery Challenge 2012 Wrap-up

  1. Congratulations! After the 6th I’ll be drawing a prize winner from all those who have posted their wrap-up posts. Happy New Year!

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