Galland’s Mille et une Nuit part 5

Volume 7:

Histoire de Noureddin et de la belle Persienne
(The Story of Noureddin and the Fair Persian)

Histoire de Beder, prince de Perse, et de Giauhare, princesse du Royaume de Samandal
(Story of Beder, Prince of Persia, and Giahaure, Princess of Samandal)

With volume 7 a couple of things happen. First, in the Advertissement to volume 7, Galland states “…il se passera sans doute d’autant plus volontiers de ces interruptions brusques, qu’il se trouvera moins arrete dans le plaisir qui l’atache et le rend souvent impatient a favoir le denouement du conte.” Essentially, the night breaks are annoying and are being abandoned. Thus, the last indication of a night occurs in volume 6. As it happens, these two stories are the final ones contained in his Syrian manuscript.

The manuscript that Galland had is composed of three parts, with the third part being incomplete. Of the final story only nine nights remain of it. This is “Histoire des amours de Camaralzaman” (The Story of the Loves of Prince Camaralzaman, vol. 6). The version in vol. 6 is from some other unidentified source. Camaralzaman, along with the Sindbad stories (vol. 3) are the stories, to date, that are from other sources. Galland continuously sought for more complete manuscripts but was never able to find any. As luck would have it, the manuscript he was working with were and remain the largest, longest and oldest manuscripts still extent of The Thousand and One Nights. Older fragements and references exist but these documents form the core of all Arabian Nights editions of any language.

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