Galland’s Mille et une nuit part 2

In the previous Galland post, I wrote about the publishing history of Galland’s Mille et une nuit. Below is a breakdown to the table of contents of the first two volumes of Galland. Shortly after the publication of each volume the English pirated version was released. Of course the English volumes followed the contents of the French volumes.

Volume 1: (nights 1-36)

Les Mille et une Nuit
(Frame Story of Scheherazade)

L’Ane, le Boeuf et le Laboureur
(The Ass, the Ox, and the Labourer)

Fable de Chien et du Boeuf
(The Fable of the Dog and the Cock)

Le Marchand et le Génie
(The Merchant and the Genie)

Histoire du premier Vieillard et de la Biche
(The History of the First old Man, and the Bitch)

Histoire du second Vieillard et des deux Chiens noirs
(The Story of the Second old Man, and the two black Dogs)

Histoire du Pècheur
(The Story of the Fisher-man)

Histoire du Roi grec et du Medecin Douban
(The Story of the Graecian King and the Physician Douban)

Histoire du Mari et du Perroquet
(The Story of the Husband and Parrot)

Histoire du Vizir puni
(The Story of the Visier that was Punish’d)

Histoire du jeune Roi des iles Noires
(The History of the young King of the Black-Isles)

Histoire de trois Calenders, fils de Roi, et de cinq dames de Bagdad
(The Story of the Three Callenders, Sons of Kings, and of the Five Ladies of Bagdad)

Volume 2: (nights 37-68)

Histoire du premier Calender, fils de Roi
(The History of the First Calender, a King’s Son)

Histoire du second Calender, fils de Roi
(The Story of the Second Calender, a King’s Son)

Histoire de l’Envieux et de l’Envie
(The Story of the Envious Man, and of him that he Envied)

Histoire du troisième Calender, fils de Roi
(The Story of the Third Calender, a King’s Son)

Histoire de Zobéide
(The Story of Zobeide)

Histoire d’Amine
(The Story of Amine)

The contents of the 12 volumes eventually were compressed to 12 volumes in 6, then 12 in 4 and finally into a single volume. The actual contents and the order remained pretty much the same well into the 19th century. It wasn’t really until the Victorian translators got into the act that the actual content and the sequence of the stories began to change significantly.

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