The Arabian Nights in Canada, part 2.

Aladdin ou La Lampe MerveilleuseAladdin ou La Lampe Merveilleuse, Extrait des Mille et une Nuits. Montreal: C.G. Beauchemin & Fils, n.d. pp. 109.

This small volume (14 cm x 9 cm) was published around the turn of the twentieth century.  Library catalogues put the date around 1890-1905.  My copy has an inscription of Dec. 25, 1914.

The book contains a slimmed down version of Galland’s text of Aladdin.  Surviving text copies are scarce.  It mainly survives due to the efforts of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM), No. 53265.  These can be found at quite a few Canadian libraries, including U of O, Carleton, McGill, Memorial, Trent and U of A.  I could find the physical book only in the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, and my collection.

It appears that Beauchemin also published Mille et une nuits, and Histoire d’Ali Baba et de quarante voleurs extermine’s par une esclaveMille et une nuits has also been copied by CIHM, no. 73221 and is readily available.  Text copies are rare.  Ali Baba appears to have survived in a single copy held by the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.  As this volume was probably published in the 1950’s its scarcity is a bit surprising to me.  But then, I couldn’t find any of these titles for sale from online sellers.

Unlike the James Campbell printings of the Arabian Nights, the Beauchemin printings were most likley printed in Canada.  An examination of Aladdin shows that it is Galland’s text even though Galland is not credited.  The text has been edited though.  I’m pretty sure that this book has been printed in Canada, unlike the James Campbell volume.

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