The Dragon’s Jaws by Frank L. Packard

The Dragon's Jaws

Packard, Frank L. The Dragon’s Jaws. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1938.

Completed: 9 October 2010

Packard certainly knows how to tell a story.  This particular number wastes no time in getting started.  Right off the bat we are introduced to Roy Melville, our hero, as he is presented with a conundrum.  Returning to his stateroom aboard the S.S. Shansi, a “crack British liner, outward from Vancouver to Hong Kong and Manila”, Roy is presented with a letter that announces that a murder will take place on the ship to which he can do nothing to prevent.  Roy is free to attempt to prevent the murder.  Apparently our villain, Lan Chao-tao, knows Roy Melville and has business with him.  It appears that Roy is travelling to Shanghai on some affair connected with Lan Chao-tao.  But, this particular murder is a separate piece of business, unconnected with Roy’s affair.  This all happens by page 6.

We have murder, kidnapping, robbery, betrayal, double-cross, love, loss, thrills and spills coming fast and thick.  Packard is a master at keeping the story moving along at a nice pace.  The Dragon’s Jaws is not a terribly sophisticated story, but it is a fun read.  It was Packard’s second last novel.

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1 Response to The Dragon’s Jaws by Frank L. Packard

  1. Brian Busby says:

    Must tell you that I’m finally – finally – reading my first Packard: The Miracle Man. A wonderfully entertaining book. As you say, Packard certainly knows how to tell a story.

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